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There are a vast number of reasons why people in communities decide to join volunteer fire and EMS companies, from the camaraderie, the excitement, the benefits and anything in between.  One very important reason people  volunteer their time, energy and lives is to help others.

At the Flanders Fire Company & Rescue Squad, members spend their early time in the department learning requirements and expectations.  They attend the fire academy and study firefighting techniques and/or emergency medical care.  The members train constantly, whether at the firehouse, in the field, or having on-site lecturers visit. The more our members learn the more confident they become in the department and in life.

Flanders Fire Company & Rescue Squad is a family with a tradition that dates back to 1923.  We are a group of individuals with our own lives, careers and families.  However, when the alarm sounds– the only concern that we have is helping our friends – our neighbors.

If you are interested in joining a worthwhile organization and to help and change the lives of those in the community that need help, then take the step to join…

Who can join

To be eligible for membership in the Flanders Fire and Rescue Squad  an individual must

• be at least 16 years of age (* junior member)
• be 18 years of age to receive training in the fire service
• have lived in Flanders at least 6 months prior to filling out application
• pass a physical
• pass a background / drug test
• attend regular meetings / drills held on Thursday nights
• be able to respond regularly to alarms

* A junior member is a member between the ages of 16 and 18 who may join only with their parent’s or guardian’s permission.  Junior members will be trained and will assist the other members, but will not be allowed to get close to dangerous situations or use specific pieces of equipment.

How to join

If joining our volunteer family interests you, please visit us on Thursday nights at 7:30pm.  The members meet at the firehouse located at 27 Main Street every Thursday night.  Once there, the Officers can answer any questions that you may have and go over the membership applications to join.

Volunteers help strengthen our service and provide the best possible protection to our area.


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